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Alchemy For The Soul

Unique Kyanite Specimen

Unique Kyanite Specimen

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Kyanite Specimen


Kyanite, with its stunning blue tones and special crystal structure, is a standout gemstone. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also brings distinct benefits:


**Key Features:**

- *Color and Shine:* Beautiful shades of blue with a glossy finish.

- *Hardness:* Durable and suitable for various uses.



1. *Balance and Harmony:* Kyanite promotes balance in the body and mind.

2. *Communication Boost:* Enhances clear and confident expression.

3. *Meditation Support:* Deepens spiritual experiences and awareness.

4. *Chakra Connection:* Works on the throat and third-eye chakras.




- *Size:

- *Weight: 900 Grams

  • Height : 23cm
  • Width : 8cm


Bring the unique charm and benefits of Kyanite into your collection—an extraordinary gem that combines beauty with well-being.

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