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Angelite tumbled stone

Angelite tumbled stone

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Connect with Your Spirit Guides

The Angelite crystal is a lullaby of light and love and leaping to higher consciousness. This is one of those stones that simply oozes spirituality and healing. With shades as soft as angel wings or the pale dawn sky streaked with a thousand promises, the Angelite Stone brings its blue color, its ethereal energy, and its messages from the other side straight to your heart.

A stone that can instantly help you on your way to connect with the Angel realm, Angelites crystal meaning is all connected to the higher self and finding your spiritual sense of purpose. It’s a stone that calls into power dreams, intuition, gentle self-expression, and an expanded peace of mind. Check out all the shimmering healing properties of Angelite and see how it can heal your body, mind, and soul.

Physical Healing Properties

While Angelite delivers most of its strength when it comes to spiritual healing properties, it also doesn’t shy away from physical healing too. We all know that a clear and open mind can have major health benefits and this is also true of the angelic stone of Angelite. When it comes to the physical body, Angelite is an amazing healer. It helps to balance out the thyroid gland and helps the body shake off any infection connected to the throat. Feeding health and wellness into your whole system, Angelite can also help with renewing blood vessels and keeping the heart flushed and full and ticking along nicely. It can also help with weight loss, headaches, and helping the body shake off diseases.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

If you want to live your life with intention and higher purpose, then Angelite is the stone for you. For those who find their heart and head clogged with anxiety, anger, resentment, or any of these emotions that can turn toxic when out of balance, Angelite is here to clear all that chaos away. It’s a stone that transmutes beautiful positive and serene vibes, inviting you to step into forgiveness, to fill your heart with compassion, and to reconnect you to the cycles of the breath that carry you forward into awareness. Angelite comes with a certain sense of surrender. Surrender doesn’t have to be a word associated with weakness, in fact, it takes a whole heap of strength to stop fussing and fighting and to let yourself get swept along with the energy of the now.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical space is truly where the Angelite stone seems to shine. An in-depth cleanser of negative energy, this highly spiritual crystal is here to tap into those stashed away psychic abilities and to open your mind and heart to make astral travel a possibility along with nurturing gifts of telepathic communication, connections with spirit guides and guardian angels and invites you to connect to divine universal knowledge. When dealing with the chakras, Angelite starts at the throat chakra and then moves up. The Throat Chakra is our place of truth and how we choose to communicate our sense of self with the external world. Our Third Eye Chakra is the place that holds our deep intuitive wisdom and ensures that we connect with the chasms of the self so we can connect with others. The Crown Chakra is how we tune in to a higher truth. It’s our gateway to the angelic realm and the channel we take to explore otherworldly dimensions. Angelite can also lend a hand in the dream world, inviting lucid dreaming and universal messages to seep through

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