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Emerald tumbled stone

Emerald tumbled stone

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The Emerald takes its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Marakata’ which means the green of growing things. We can’t think of a more poetic name for this stone of growth, love, and the power of rebirth. We have spent some time easing into the effortless grace of the Emerald, in this gorgeous guide we take a look at;

* The healing properties of Emerald

* The zodiac birthstone of Emerald

* How to use Emerald

* How to cleanse Emerald

The Emerald is something of an enigma, but it’s here to heal the heart, help you spring forth in fabulous refreshed energy, and can bring all kinds of goodness into your life. If Emerald doesn’t excite you, take a look at our healing crystal guide to essential gemstones and browse all the beautiful stones that can make your heart sing.

The Gemstone of Lasting Love

Emerald has long been seen as a hugely powerful gem. It has a certain energy and aura that enchants the mind. From Cleopatra to Aristotle and Alexander the Great, there is so much mythology and lore stashed within the Emerald. The Chaldeans were sure the goddess Ishtar was encased within the Emerald stone, the Ancient Egyptians believed it was an amulet of rebirth and fertility, and the Incas believed it to be a stone that promised eternal life. Studded within the crown jewels of Russia, linked to the Greek goddess Venus, and even believed to be the material the holy grail was made from, there are a thousand and one stories that shine out of the Emerald.

One enduring theme that radiates from its leafy spring shades is the promise of eternity and love. Like all green gems and crystals, Emerald is linked to the heart chakra and the color green is also said to be the calmest shade our bodies and minds just want to drink in. Emerald has huge healing properties. It’s a symbol of romance and rebirth and is equally stimulating and calming. There’s a lot to love about this green beryl and for those who want to embrace the concept and spiritual meaning of eternity, Emerald brings that endless reminder, that even though all things must pass, the spiritual truth sits in a timeless being.

Healing Properties

Vibrant and gleaming with pure unconditional love and health, just holding the Emerald stone can fill you to the brim with a bounty of joy. Even in ancient times, this stone was revered for its healing nature and worn by children of noble kin to keep them flushed in physical and mental finery. It’s a stone of regeneration, renewal, and recovery but also comes riddled with the ripest themes of harmony, compassion, love, and illumination. It shares the ruling planet of Mercury - the planet of intelligence and wisdom. For those seeking a stone that elevates and nourishes in many different ways, Emerald is here to brighten your energy.


As we mentioned, Aristotle was convinced that Emerald could help ward off the ‘falling sickness’ AKA epilepsy and it is still believed that the green gem can help to stabilize this condition. But even beyond epilepsy, Emerald can bring its regenerating rays to all parts of the body. It can help soothe headaches, allergies, and all manner of skin rashes and ailments. It can also strengthen the eyes, sharpen memory, and help to temper gastric issues too. With its rejuvenating energy, it is also said to have the power to freshen up tired organs. From the liver to the beautiful beat of your heart, Emerald brings strength and power to all parts of the body. Emerald was also believed to be a stone of luck and fertility so for all those setting out on this journey, this could be a trusted talisman to carry with you.

Mental & Emotional Healing

Emerald is called the stone of eternal love and this also feeds into unconditional love too. It’s a crystal that calls to the heart and clears out any weight or dark energy that could be clogging up your emotional system. Back to that vibrant and rejuvenating energy - for those times when you feel slumped or overwhelmed or as though you are trapped in victim narratives or when you have lost your personal power, the Emerald stone will lend a hand and lift you right back up. While we sometimes see Emerald as a weighty wealthy wonder, its luminous properties and calming hues of green actually give it a lightness that can transfer to your own body and mind. With that sense of lightness comes the power of play, the spring birth of something new, and an authentic connection with a willingness to let in those that you love. Emerald is a great gem for those wanting to deepen their relationships and throw down their fear when it comes to commitment issues.

Metaphysical Properties

The calming shades of green remind us of the deep sigh of relief that comes with spring after a cold hard winter. This is also reflective of how Emerald can feel in your soul. Emerald is a heart chakra stone, meaning that it is always here to help clear that tightly wound space around your heart and to make sure that you aren’t throwing up any roadblocks to love and self-care in your own way.

When our heart chakra is closed or out of balance we may feel timid in our approach to people. We may struggle with empathy or compassion and we may judge ourselves and others too harshly. We may also have problems with forgiveness and trust which can keep us closed off and locked in loneliness. When our heart chakra is wide open, we can trust in our own choices, we can love deep and wide, and we practice healthy self-care and compassion, cutting out the inner editor, and making sure that we remain kind and considerate to others and to ourselves. With this practice comes the chance for deepening into divine love and saying yes to universal blessings. There are also themes of eternity tied up in the Emerald stone which speaks to our sense of spiritual timelessness and letting go of mortal fears.

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