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Malachite And Azurite Specimens

Malachite And Azurite Specimens

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At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of rarity and uniqueness. We handpick crystals that boast distinctive features, whether it's an exceptional coloration, an uncommon crystal structure, or a captivating inclusions pattern. Our commitment to rarity means that you will find one-of-a-kind treasures in our collection.

This specific Malachite and Azurite we especially love as its formation looks like a sparkly Earth that you want to dive into, a planet of dreams.

- Malachite and azurite often form together in a mineral combination called "azurite-malachite." This occurs when the two minerals grow in close proximity or even intermixed. The result is a visually stunning specimen with both deep blue and vibrant green colors, creating a striking contrast that's highly prized by mineral collectors and enthusiasts. These specimens are sometimes referred to as "blue malachite" or "malachite-azurite" and are cherished for their unique beauty in the world of mineralogy.

Malachite and azurite are both strikingly beautiful minerals often found together and known for their vibrant green and deep blue colors, respectively. Here's something interesting about each:


1. Malachite:

   - Malachite gets its vivid green color from its high copper content. In fact, it's one of the few green minerals that contain copper as a major component.

   - Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, used malachite as a pigment for green paint and makeup. It was also used for jewelry and amulets.

   - Some cultures believe that malachite has protective and healing properties. It's often associated with promoting emotional balance and transformation.

2. Azurite:

   - Azurite is known for its deep blue color, which results from its copper content as well. It's often found alongside malachite due to their similar formation processes.

   - In ancient times, azurite was used as a pigment for blue paints, notably in Renaissance and Baroque art. It was also used in traditional dyes.

   - Azurite is believed by some to enhance intuition and stimulate the third eye chakra. It's associated with spiritual and mental clarity.

Both malachite and azurite are not only visually captivating but also have rich histories and cultural significance.

Height : 21 cm 

width :15 Cm 

Depth : 9 Cm 

Weight :2.465 Gram 

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