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Mirek Amber Pendants

Mirek Amber Pendants

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Amber has been used traditionally by many to improve memory, increase mental flexibility and create balanced decision-making. Amber has also been used, historically, as a talisman for courage and self-confidence, and was thought to bring good luck to warriors in battle. align body, mind and spirit to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities. In recent times, Amber has become especially popular for the treatment of teething pain in babies.

Our stunning Amber pendants come from the Baltic Sea, created by our a very talented Artisan ‘Mirek’.

Mirek finds a lot of Amber on the beach in Mikoszewo in Poland. But for bigger pieces he rides his bike 5km through the woods during storm nights and he dives into the freezing baltic sea water to catch them.

Each piece of Amber is being treated as little as possible, most come in their beautiful natural form, some are hand polished using natural products to give them shine, you can see some fish scales, insects and other inclusions inside of the Amber.

The Wood pieces he uses are special and a rare type of wood (in poland it is called black wood) that has to be immersed for hundreds of years in water with perfect balance of light, water and oxygen so instead of rotting it turns dark, strong and solid. He dives into the river to find these logs and so far he has found black oak, black cherry and walnut. After a long process of peaceful drying the wood, he cuts it in small cubes and from that moment it's processed only manually. Mirek had an unfortunate accident (which ended up being a blessing so now he doesnt have to work, he stays at home and only does what he really loves which is creating these pendants)

Each piece takes a lot of time effort and passion, they are treated individually and sometimes it takes hours, sometimes days and some need weeks. With every piece he walks around and meditate on it before he has a vision of how he should create it.

42 Gram

hight 7cm

width 4cm

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