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Opalite Sun Catcher

Opalite Sun Catcher

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Opalite is a type of synthetic glass that doesn't occur naturally. It's also known as purple opal, ice cream stone and “Tiffany Stone.” It's a shimmery crystal that's combined with dolomite to produce opalescence. It's usually clear or light blue but comes in other shades too.

This stone comes in all different shapes and sizes. It can be custom-made for people looking to enhance specific healing properties. There is a natural stone called Green Opalite that's found in Australia, Brazil, and Mexico, but the vast majority of Opalite, especially the blue kind, is man-made.

Opalite is associated with youth and child-like wonder. It helps you see life with optimism and curiosity. This stone is said to allow those who use it to understand how to go with the flow. It casts out negativity with its positive and warm energy.

Opalite is also known to put heavy hearts at ease. People who struggle with depression and other mental illnesses benefit from using this stone to relieve their sorrows. It's also a stone of new beginnings and clarity. The symbolism of Opalite is unlike any other stones because it does not come from the earth.

Opalite boosts moods and makes a storm pass. This could be a physical storm or a storm of the mind. When people need to take their minds off their troubles, they turn to Opalite. It reminds people to be joyful redirects their energies elsewhere.

Opalite has many physical and mental healing abilities that anyone can use with the right intentions. People who experience insomnia or recurring nightmares find Opalite to be extremely useful. It is also used to help people with irregular heartbeats.

This stone is perfect for protecting the heart from disease and strife. Wearing a necklace of Opalite near your chest prevents heart attacks and even heartbreaks. It works to clear the heart chakra while keeping your heart out of harm's way.

Opalite also assists in respiratory issues. If you have lung problems, asthma, or anything else of that nature, keep Opalite on you at all times. It supports the oxygenation of your body and gets rid of cysts and fibroids too.

This stone is often used to balance male and female energies. Everyone has a little bit of both, and keeping them balanced is the best way to stabilize mood swings. Opalite is terrific for creating peace in your life. It helps you move past old traumas and let go of painful memories.

If you struggle with resentment and anger, the Opalite stone will help you replace it with compassion and kindness. Opalite healing crystals specialize in this area because they enable you to access your hidden feelings. The glass-like gemstone empowers you to be more self-analytical, but not necessarily in a self-deprecating way. It helps you get rid of tension and realize who you truly are.

When you deal with unidentified emotional problems, it could be a result of past life trouble. Opalite helps ground your aura and identify these issues so they can be resolved. The benefits of this type of energy work are endless.

If you're looking for a more positive outlook on life, Opalite is the stone for you. It helps you understand where your soul is meant to be and how to navigate other people's emotions. Use it to find energetic balance in every aspect of your journey.

Use Opalite to cleanse the blood and kidneys, ease a high fever and recover quickly from exhaustion and fatigue. It provides energy to the mind, body and spirit. Hold it tight to light your way forward during difficult times.

Note - Please note that due to the natural form of the stones they are all unique in colour and vary in size and shape which makes them even more special, you will not receive the same as seen on our website unless stated.

Also please note that Crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or prescription and their use is meant to be metaphysical in nature.

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