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Rhodochrosite tumbled stone

Rhodochrosite tumbled stone

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Rhodochrosite is a paragon pink stone of selfless and unconditional love. This has led to its nickname of the ‘stone of the compassionate heart’. Imbued with healing properties, rhodochrosite crystals work best at alleviating troubles of the heart, easing down walls which have built up over time. As you heal, it will empower you not only to practice empathy for the self, but also to act for others in need too.

What Are Rhodochrosite Crystals Used For?

Rhodochrosite is a stone which vibrates to the tones of love and energy, like most pink gemstones do. Used most often to take the pain out of insect bites and to heal scarring, it also works on your heart, energy field and circulatory system. It aids in digestive issues such as ulcers, assists with autoimmune diseases, and improves the flow of blood to vital organs like the kidneys. It sends energy into your body and enhances your overall sense of well-being and provides emotional stability.

When used in meditation sessions, or if the rhodochrosite crystal is worn, or carried close to the heart, it can help to dispel lingering bad energies and sour moods. Leaving the wearer more cheerful, active, and carefree in their day-to-day dealings with others.

Beyond that, it can allow you to enter a state of dreamlike creativity, along with enhancing passion, sexuality and boost the sense of personal power and expressiveness. It empowers the self to be bolder, braver, and more at ease within your inner self which will allow you to act more confidently around others.

Rhodochrosite crystals are a great option to bring new love into your life – both platonic friendships and new love interests. It calls life helpers and soul mates in to help teach soul lessons from a place of love and comfort. It will soothe and settle your heart of any troubles you’re going through, as well as lead you to a place of emotional happiness. Especially if you’ve been going through a period of self-doubt. One of its lesser-known properties is that it can call back past friends or lost relatives to your side.

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