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Unakite tumbled stone

Unakite tumbled stone

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Unakite stone brings lightness to our beings and assists us in finding inner peace and calm. It has a powerful transformational energy, if you are dealing with pain and hardship then use this stone in meditation to unearth that which no longer serves you. If you struggle with depression, insomnia or addiction issues then this is absolutely a stone you should have in your life.

The Unakite crystal is also known to support the female reproductive system and aid in a healthy pregnancy. It can also bring healing from physical illness, and stimulate the health and growth of the hair and nails.

What Chakra Is Unakite Good For?

Unakite is used in conjunction with the heart chakra first and foremost. It is a phenomenal tool for opening the heart chakra to healing and allowing love in. When using Unakite for your heart chakra it is known to help you attract the love frequency you require in your life at that time.

At the same time, using Unakite stone for heart opening love practices, you can also use it to bring love and compassion to yourself, especially if self-love is something you struggle with. However, there are many crystal enthusiasts that feel that Unakite is also incredibly helpful with stimulating the third eye chakra due to its ability to balance the spirit, physical and emotional bodies.

How To Use Unakite?

The way you use Unakite crystal will all depend on what it is you are using it for. If you would like to use it for your heart chakra, enhancing your self-love or transforming your low self-esteem then wearing it on a necklace close to your chest is the way to go.

If you have been very ill then keeping a piece of Unakite in a pouch close to the place in/on your body that has been most affected will be just what you need.

Should you wish to use Unakite for insomnia, depression, anxiety, spiritual awareness, or anything concerned with your mental state then place a piece under your pillow while you sleep. Using Unakite for physic vision or third eye healing can be done by meditating with the stone.

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