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Alchemy For The Soul

Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace

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Welcome to our enchanting collection featuring the exquisite Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace. Adorned with captivating hues of deep blue, embellished with delicate hints of pyrite, this necklace exudes elegance and grace.


Crafted with the finest quality lapis lazuli, renowned for its association with good luck, protection, and wisdom, this necklace embodies the essence of timeless beauty and spiritual significance. The addition of pyrite infuses the piece with grounding energy, while attracting wealth and abundance into your life.


The necklace is further embellished with a charming silver pendant, with a lotus flower engraving symbolizing purity and enlightenment. Versatile and stunning, it effortlessly transitions from day to night, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Length 50 CM


Elevate your style and embrace the enchanting allure of our Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace. Experience the harmonious blend of beauty, symbolism, and sophistication with every wear.


You can also wrap up the Mala necklace around your wrist and be worn as a bracelet.

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