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Alchemy For The Soul

Malachite Sphere Pendant Necklace

Malachite Sphere Pendant Necklace

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This stunning Pendant is made from a natural malachite stone with a unique sphere shape, set with a stunning zirconia on a base of 925 sterling silver with an 18k gold finish. It is indeed a gorgeous and interesting piece. Its combination of beauty and potential healing properties makes it even more special. Malachite is known for its protective and healing qualities, making this an exquisite and meaningful addition to any collection.

 Full Length : 22 Cm

Pendant size width : 1 Cm

Pendant Height : 1 Cm

Weight : 6 Gram

To prevent tarnishing of your gold pendant, it's a good practice to remove it before taking a shower and to avoid applying skin products, creams, or perfumes directly on the area where you wear the pendant. This can help maintain its shine and prevent any potential reactions for individuals with sensitive skin. Additionally, if you have allergies, it's important to check the ingredients in your perfumes to avoid any any potential allergens.

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